EZ Mobility - Graphics Package
CLIENT: EZ Mobility
MUSIC: Music from Uppbeat: https://uppbeat.io/t/prigida/burble License code: AOSR8HOTF3QJQW9E

EZ Mobility wanted to have a little Intro and some animated graphics for their youtube page. 
I took their logo, modeled it in 3D to give it depth and a hyper real neon/glass/metal look so they could integrate it well for their test-videos.
This is a little edit of the graphics package I produced. 

*E.Z. Mobility makes cities cleaner, more efficient and healther with their selection of EVs like ultra-mobile E-Scooters, super-fast
E-Motorcycles and state of the art electric cars.
Located in Nuremberg, Germany, E.Z. Mobility helps responsible people use E.V. on a daily basis to meet their needs to be mobile in an
environmentally friendly way.


Below you can see different styleframes and the final look.
Look Development
One of their test videos with the graphics in use

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